A fat guard, a gun and texting

Today I’m going to go on a little rant that really doesn’t have much
to do with anything except stupidity. This weekend I went back to
New Jersey to visit  my daughter, son and grandson. I took my
grandson and my two younger daughters to the park. Having a
good time.

Then up pulls the camden county dept of corrections bus full of
convicts. 12 unload with garbage bags in hand and start working
the park. Then out walks one of the fattest correctional officers
I ever seen packing heat.

One guard, 12 convicts. So what’s the problem? First, why bring
convicts to a childrens park? Probably trying to save money.

These criminals are probably less risk, but still a kids park. These
convicts are looking at me like I did something wrong.

Here’s the worst part. You have a fat overweight guard with a
gun in charge of 12 criminals and this maybe o.k but what about
an overweight guard who is standing there texting on his phone
the whole time he’s supposed to be watching these men.

I was getting so pissed off  I had to leave the park. How can you
be watching 12 convicts while you are texting? You can’t.

These guys could have done anything. He could have done nothing if
these scumbags want to run or try to harm me,my kids or grandson,
which would have been a bad day for anyone one of these scumbags.

Just a rant.

Get in shape, stop texting, and do the job your being paid to do. One
of the reason I left nasty Jersey.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. EMitchell says

    I’ve always suspected this accounts for the rise in tasering incidents and nightstick beatdowns by police officers. They may not be visibly out of shape but they aren’t fit nonetheless. Many of them are less afraid of dealing with a blow from a detainee than of throwing out their backs. Ties in nicely to today’s email where the man sent the comment that he only wants you to look strong but doesn’t care about your actual strength.

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