A Fat Rant!

We are fat because we would rather live the life of leisure than actually get off our
asses and do something about it. Many will say that well you need to have a little
fun, spending 4 to 6 hours a night watching television, spending our nights at
happy hour, drinking a 12 pack every night is not leisure, what this is, is  living a
destructive life that is not helping you or doing anyone else any good.

Everything we do is laying around and doing absolutely nothing that we don’t
have to. It’s easier to watch t.v then going for a nice energizing walk, I have actually
been told that they have no time to walk, if you can not find time to walk and you are
fat you need to stop spending the majority of you time eating and go for a walk.

Hard to believe that you will not die or go hungry if you leave the table a little earlier
and do something else. If you’re fat and watch the biggest loser, you’re the biggest

Another thing I love are these fund raisers in the school systems. These fund raisers
are always food related, cookies, cakes, pizzas, pies, sandwiches  it’s just amazing what
they want kids to sell, what message does this send?

They take the soda machines out of schools but they still sell soda and other junk food
in the school stores, why?

We are making to easy on our selves to get fat and sick and we continue to do the things
that have been proven to destroy our bodies and quality of life.

If you don’t like healthy food it’s because you have been eating so badly your entire
life that you only have the taste for sweet and salty foods, our bodies are made to
eat healthy foods so if you tell me I can’t eat vegetables it’s because you have been
probably living on junk food most of you life.

Stop making excuses and just take charge of your life!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Again Johnny you are hitting the nail on the head! Too many people want to take the easy road, THEN COMPLAIN WHEN THAT ROAD LEADS THEM DOWN THE CRAPPER! People want to eat what they when they want , and then somehow are surprised when they can’t see their feet when they’re standing because their belly is in the way!

    Well, this is YOUR rant, not mine. But I can’t resist. Nobody moves anymore! When I was a kid we played outside. Now you don’t see kids outside. They’re playing with all their technology, sitting on their ever-increasing buttocks. Then these kids grow up to be adults.

    Let’s get back to getting outside, going for a walk, breathing the fresh air, being friendly and talking to a couple neighbors along the way, sweating, maybe doing a few push ups and sprints. Kids, get outside and play street hockey, hit a baseball, climb a frickin’ tree, play in a stream, mow the lawn–just move something!

  2. BrooklynChuck says

    Agreed wholeheartedly. No one does anything anymore in this era but sit on the couch eat and play video games. Sad part is parents encourage it

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