A Great Short Workout While Pulled Over in Traffic

Today while working coming through a construction site I was forced to pull over and
wait for traffic to move. I took the time and got in a short workout of Jump Squats and
Hindu pushups it was hot but I got in a short fast workout that got the blood pumping
and a good sweat.

It never takes any equipment or any special place to get in a great workout. I get a
workout in anywhere I can. I’ve gotten workouts done in hospitals, hotels, truck trailers,
parks, parking lots waiting for my family, walls, picnic tables and on the side of the road
and love every minute of it.

There is no excuses and no need for any equipment or special apparatuses to do pull
ups just use what you have in the environment and build a natural strength that you can
always count on.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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