A Jump rope smoker

It’s no secret how I feel about jumping rope,the reason speak for themselves.

When I train I want the fastest and quickest results I can get, I want no
wasted time. In my opinion the more complicated you make you workouts the less
likely you will continue your workouts.

Jumping rope has been used for a long, long time to get athletes in great shape.
Jumping rope will build speed, explosiveness, coordination, balance,agility
and will strip off the fat at break neck pace.

I got a jump rope workout that will leave you in a puddle of water in under 20 minutes
so give it a try.

The workout: Jump rope sprints

Jump rope for 1 minute-rest for 1 minute repeat 4 times.

Jump rope for 30 seconds-rest for 30 seconds repeat 6 times.

Jump rope for 15 seconds-rest for 15 seconds repeat 8 times.

You want to turn the rope as fast as you can for the time of the workout,
no slow training as fast as possible.

If you feel the need at the end try 50 burpees, 50 pushups and 10 pullups.

This is a tough workout simple but effective.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. John, what happened to your functional pullup manual?

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