A Man Obsessed With Another Man, Is A Bitch.

Hey, I wrote the last post to bring out some pathetic, invaluable males.. to see how obsessed he is showing ultimate weakness.

I don’t write to help people because I don’t care.

I do write to piss people off, and to really emotionally trigger people.

Does anyone know what type of man is obsessed with another man?

A weak man! A mentally fragile man.

When your day is consumed with social media and reaching out with name calling, changing profiles to follow another man, when all you talk about is dick, you are a faggot!

It’s easy to block people. Tet they are so obsessed with your greatness they need to follow you like a weakling, a man that wants validation from their hero, the man they are obsessed with.

I bet a man like this has a weak dad.

No man is consumed by another man unless he is pathetically weak, unstable and has never thrived.

I’m not talking about reading content or books of someone you admire, I’m talking about a womenless, childless man of no self respect, no self value or self worth who wishes they were the man they are obsessed with!

You can’t be a man, when you act like a women, who is trigger by strength and offensive words!

A man who hates strength knows he can and will be dominated by the man he is obsessed with.

It’s the sports Jersey wearing man, who walks around in public showing support of a dude, who doesn’t have enough fucks to care about the dude wearing his name like a fucking women.

Pissing off men has always been fun.

A man like this would have been reduced to a crying bullied kid in my environment in five minutes!

He is subservient, he’s on his knees.

Obsession with a man makes you sad!

Johnny Grube


  1. pissed off half of your followers with this one.

  2. It wasn’t the normal men that post and comment I was talking about. It’s the ones I have blocked, who have attacked people that comment on this site.

    I probably didn’t make that point well.

  3. thats what i thought.
    you mentioned those guys before.
    i wonder if they will find another “home”.hahaha

  4. Well, if it offended the readers I guess they need to toughen up. I read a lot of I don’t always agree with, and sometimes I read things that show me I need to toughen up.

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