A man walks into a doctor’s office…….Read what happens next!

A man walks into a doctor’s office…….Read what happens next!

 True story, I go to get my D.O.T (department of transportation)
physical they have to be renewed every two years. The physical
is eye exam, hernia, blood pressure, pulse, hearing, breathing
and balance.

The woman doctor is older and comes in pulls my shirt up and
see’s what see thinks is a scar from surgery, I tell her it’s a stretch

I than tell her that I was 240 lbs at one time, I told her I lost 85lbs,

She asked how many years. I told her about 5 months and she was
pretty amazed.

Then she goes on to tell me she has high blood pressure is a
diabetic and is overweight and had some other issues. Did I tell
you this is my doctor!

So now my doctor is asking me for advice. Why wasn’t I signing
my own medical certificate? So for 15 minutes I am giving health
and fitness advice to doctor and the staff.

I thought this was a good story about the medical profession and
just wanted to share it with you thinking you might enjoy it.

This was not made up this was real and happened a couple of
days ago.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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  1. Johnny, can I ask what adjustments you made to your diet when you decided to cut weight?

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