A Navy Seal breathing Heavy & Runners are Weak

Why do I continue to tell people that my blogs and newsletter is not
for the normal man or women and still people don’t get the idea.

I talk about the things other people won’t talk about, I talk about
real life situations that I see everyday and from the over 30 years
of being around the physical labor trade and  gyms.

I don’t talk much about white collar, that speaks for itself. No matter
what I say someone who has very little if any experience voice their
opinion. I had a person tell me how LSD (long slow distance) running
amazingly changed their body. And it will for a short time, but they
will never really achieve true physically fitness.

Runners are thin and weak, plain and simple.

Very few runners are physical most look like rail thin boys with
very little muscle. Here is a clue, if distance running is everyone’s
first thought on achieving fitness do something else.

Why do we look to the military as the standard in physical fitness?

Most go in out of shape – spend a few weeks getting in shape and this
gives them expert status. 100 pushups in 2 minutes is actually pretty
weak as well as 100 situps in 2 minutes.

Most get out of the military and never train again. A funny thing I have
been asked by former military is how can they can get back in shape after
they tell me that the best shape they were ever in was when they were in
bootcamp and I asked what did you do in bootcamp? They tell me and then
I tell them there is your answer.

Any group I mention someone always gets upset whether military, police,
martial artists, prisoners someone seems to get pissed because they or someone
they know did this or that the majority of men in these vocations do it because
they have to they don’t do it unless they have to when they are done or get older
no more training even the martial artists are pathetic.

What I’m saying is the majority are not in great shape not every military man
or prisoner or martial artists is some physical fitness freak; most couldn’t pass
my physical fitness test or for that matter a simple schools physical fitness

Check the young recruit out of the military in less than a year or the prisoner
that makes parole fat and weak in no time. Hell I watched a former navy seal
demonstrate an exercise of about 10 reps and was breathing heavy when he
was done.

To be physically fit you need to work hard at doing what the majority are not.
You need to work the body in all areas, from different angles and push. To be
normal just go through the motions.

For the runners, try adding some pushups or pullups to your boring
running routine!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Good stuff bro, I am in the military and get tired of weak people saying things like, “I need to lose the belly so I’m going to focus on situps in the gym.” Good blog.

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