A Personal Story Of A Man Of Less Value!

I usually don’t in to much of my personal life but I think you will see why I have the views ofweakness in today’s society!

The reason I talk about weakness in men is because I see it everyday and the weak men are so fucking delusional its sicking!

I have told the story before of my oldest daughters first wedding and how I refused to walk her down the isle and give her to a man I did not respect, I never even went to the wedding!

You heard that right, I made a stand on my values and refused to go! Of course I was right, they got divorced!  And for the last seven years he has been a piss poor father, not wanting to pay child support, not wanting to take his kids on his visitation days, booze, the shore everything was more important than his kids, despite living 5 minutes away from his kids.

He was a bum! My pregnant daughter supported him, I helped support them because he was a fucking failure as a husband and father!

One time he had $70 bucks to his name, my daughter told him they needed food for their young son he didn’t want to give up his money because he needed $50 to play “Fantasy Football” !!! What a scumbag!

Another time he refused night work, because it would have interfered with his inter mural basketball league! What the fuck!

I had given them a car that we paid the insurance on so my grand kids would have a nice car to drive in. One time while having a tough pregnancy with my now six year old granddaughter Emma I called and asked how her doctors appointment went. she
told me she didn’t go.

When I asked her why, she told me she only had enough gas to pick up my grandson Ronny from school and not enough gas to go to her very important doctors appointment. Old dad sends another check, for a piece of shit failed man who didn’t care whether they had money or not!

Or me paying to get his car back from being repossessed at least three times!

I fucking hate guys like this!

His father abandon two daughters apple don’t fall far from the tree!

If someone works hard doing the right things I will help out with no problem, but to be a fucking bum pisses me off!

I raised and paid child support for a son that I got every single fucking weekend and on other days I could get him until he eventually moved in with me his freshman year in high school!

I raised 4 kids!

I would never let another man raise my kids!

He is delusional, he really thinks he was a good father! My daughters mother who signed custody of my daughter to me at 2 1/2 years old (my daughter is now 32 years old) who rarely ever seen her and never paid a dime of child support who still isn’t involved in her life, swears she is a good mother; by the way her mother has two other kids she didn’t raise.

People live in these mind altering states that confuse me!

The reason I writing this because of an incident over the weekend my first instinct when my kids are attacked by anyone for what ever reason is to attack and destroy!

The worst part is these people know the person I am, actually I was told that I was “50 and crazy”, yes I am, I will fight and fuck until I die!

The thing is people want to message me or text me, fuck you, I will not argue over social media but I will talk man to man with any man!

Well all of a sudden, he gets balls!  I live 4 hours away from him, he told me I could contact him anytime I want, I said to him “Fuck talking, you know what I prefer to do instead” and of course, I’m called immature!

While his six year old daughter asks her step father to come to school to help her with a project, and his 10 year old son wanted to change his last name, doesn’t sound like he is a good father!

Here is a guy that never threw a birthday party for his kids. My daughter actually invited him to the parties she has and the scumbag has NEVER offered to pay anything towards the price of the party!

He’s a guy 32 years old has never lived on his own, never owned anything, barely pays child support and for almost seven years was a piss poor father. BUT has money to drink, go to the shore, take off work to go to the Philadelphia Eagles Superbowl parade while he
videos himself and buddies downing cans of beer!

What a fucking man of less value!

Oh yeah, he got his taxes done first this year and claimed a child, even though he barely sees them and what he did was illegal and all he said do what ever you want, I needed the money!

By the way I m the dickhead!

These men deserve a beating, and there are many men like this scumbag!

If you allow your daughter or give your blessing to a man who is unworthy to you, you are an easily led weakling, delusional moron!

So make the mistake thinking at 50 I’m old, while you weak fucks are getting older, drinking more beer, getting fatter, softer with a barely functioning dick.

Remember I’m getting, leaner, meaner every fucking day!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    That motherfucker is such an embarrassment. It’s so hard to fucking take care of a child, but it’s so easy to shove 6 packs of beer down his dickhole(his mouth), playing fantasy football and all other shit. I am serious, what is going on with these men? And you mentioned that you would fight the fucker, but he called you immature. Typical, he is a bitch.

    I wish you beat the shit out of that beer for brains motherfucker.

  2. Turned down a night job for a Basketball league !!!! WTF!!!!! This weak bastard should be castrated ! He is no fucking man .

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