A Railroad Tie, Will Toughen You Up!

Years ago I came to realize that there is no reason to train in the gym, lifting as much weight as possible, and destroying my quality of life as I get older.

I hear story after story of men who have been destroyed by heavy weights personally and from reading, all for a walk down memory lane while they need help getting out of a chair.

I realized that I earn my living as a laborer, NOT a strong man, so to continue to destroy my body made no sense to me, so I looked for options that would allow me to build what I call “Conditioned Strength” useable strength for survival!

Dragging a basic railroad tie or log will give you the “Conditioned Strength” you will ever need, to do what is necessary, I’m blue collar and know where gym strength falls short!

Because so much in the gym is bar related, easy to grab, and what you lift on a bar does not crossover in an outdoor environment.

I would never say you will build massive size most people in the gym won’t either, but can guarantee that if trained like a blue collar worker and are excessive amounts of like men in the gym you will also get massive!

Pressing a square railroad tie isn’t all that hard, but it’s hard for most men who train in the gym, because of the awkwardness of the object.

Just think of you had to pick up and throw over the railroad tie than drag it 10 or 20 yards 10 times, 20 times or 50 times do you think that it would be tough? I KNOW it would be!

Toughen Up Bitch, Train Blue Collar!

Johnny Grube


  1. Andrew stone says

    Push-ups,Pullups,the farmers walk and mountain biking have made feel the best i have ever felt.
    My days of lifting heavy weights in the gym are over and my joints are thanking me for it!

  2. Hi.

    What, in your mind, is the difference between picking up a railroad tie and throwing it and picking up a weight in a gym in terms of injury/physical damage.

    You frequently say that weights damage the body and leave people crippled, but how is that different than a railroad tie?

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