A Rarely used Strength Secret

A Rarely used Strength Secret

Most trainers and strength coaches all over the world use a few
strength building exercises, the squat, the dead lift, the power clean
for over all body power. These are great strength builders, but how
effective are they really? And do they promise all the hype of real
strength building?

I will tell you there is a better way of building overall body strength that
will transfer to all athletic sports and everyday life. It’s an exercise that
our bodies are made for. You don’t need a lot of weight for a total over
all body workout.

If you look and think how the body has been used for centuries you will see
that some things modern day trainers look at as full body workouts are
damaging to the body.

The squat is considered the “King of exercises” but how often do you really
need to put 300lbs on or shoulder in real life and stand up? The fact is that
if you ever did need to stand up with 300lbs the chances are you would fail.
Why? Because, in the real world 300 lbs that you are lifting would never be
balanced, it would be awkward and most men that could squat 300lbs would
have a tough time standing up with 200 lbs on their shoulders.

Squatting is big in football, for instance a lineman is always coming out
of a squat , There is more pushing than anything else. The pushing will require
overall body strength and a big part is the core and not one of the 3 exercises
I mentioned will strengthen the core to a point of real function.

Same goes with the dead lift, deadlift 400lbs now grab a 250lb rock and lift
it up. The rock is a lot lighter but there is no nice bar to grab your body needs
to call on muscle memory to lift something compact, awkward with a whole
different body dynamic.

The power clean is another story, most people don’t do it right. Most people
are doing it like an explosive reverse curl. Olympic style weight lifters do this
correctly most others do not.

The body does not know whether you are lifting sandbags, logs, weights, digging
ditches or moving furniture it’s all weight.

But the one thing you can do to build a functional strong body from head to
toe is the simple method of shouldering and carrying an unbalanced object
for time or distance up hill and downhill. I say it will build strength from head
to toe because carrying will strengthen the entire body and the core muscles that
are required in all sports and in everything else that will need total body strength
and the head meaning it takes mental toughness to carry a weight for time or
a predetermined distance.

The great thing is a weight as little as 40 or 50lbs will enough for most men
try carrying a 50lb sand bag, rock, log for a ¼ mile or more switching the object
from shoulder to shoulder. I like to use a 70 or 100lb heavy bag for walking hills
and climbing steps and walking wooded trails. And if you want to build heavily
muscled traps and shoulders try shouldering and carrying and let me know how
them shoulders and traps feel.

Shouldering and carrying an awkward object should be a big part of any strength
training program. Balanced objects fool you into thinking you are stronger than
you actually are. Just like bodyweight exercises that require more muscles to do
pushups than it does to do bench presses.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


P.S. Yesterday did 845 dips in 30 minutes. I’m a little sore today. So try some
shouldering and go for your record number of dips!

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  1. John,
    845 dips is insane, really awesome! Been trying to work more on dips myself and trying to improve all the time. Hope you’ve been well. Regards, Mike.

  2. Im rite with you John. Knocked off 800 PUs in 28 minutes in the Park. Im nearly 60. I love that you are pushing the HIGH REP builds STRENGTH (n MUSCULARITY). I advocate this type of training as well…and have been doing so since the 70s.
    May you keep prospering in Strength, Health n Wealth
    Dr MooTwahz (folk doktor)

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