A Strong Man Is Always Respected By His Family!

If you are a good father your kids will respect you, fear you, they will love you, but they won’t like you!

Your kids are your responsibility, your kids should be your first priority, no women should ever getting in the way of your kids!

No pussy, is more important than your children!

A father needs to stand his ground, to be strong and not allow his kids to walk all over him.

I dont care if she is daddys little princess, don’t NOT raise your daughters to be weak, discipline is important, I have three grown daughters and sad eyes did NOT work on me!

One time I had one daughter do 300 pushups to get off a punishment, another daughter 500 pushups, I had another climb a mountain with me to get off punishment.

I had my son who was fucking up in school dig a ditch and refill it for 4 hours to show him what he needs to do to strengthen his body for a life of manual labor!

If your kids see you laying around, getting fat, drinking, cheating the system through lying and stealing, being unemployed or laid off and failing your family they will love you, but they won’t respect you! I

You shouldn’t get respect because you are letting them down, fucking up!

Your wife and kids should think you are superman, that you are the protector, that you will figure it out when times are tough, you never show your wife and kids weakness, never look for sympathy, never blame others, or play the victim!

I knew young guys who bullied their fathers and had no respect for them, their dad’s were unemployed, drunks, fucking losers!

My son knew, that if he ever thought about being stupid and challenging me physically, it would be a bad fucking mistake!

I told my son if he EVER could physically handle me, to get ready to fight every fucking day, because I will be in his way!

My kids were always proud and bragged about me, I heard it, I seen it, and I would never let them down!

A father is strong, tough and fair, he can not be manipulated!

If you expect more from your kids then you expect from yourself, you are weak, a fraud and lack respect for yourself and family!

A strong father will be respected, a weak man ridiculed and laughed at!

Johnny Grube



  1. Weakness isn’t an option. Great article Grube!!

  2. This really hits home being I’m gonna be a father. Great article as always

  3. Marovsky says:, thanks a lot for the article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

  4. Thank you Mr Grube for your motivating ideas.

  5. You’re welcome

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