A Tough Man Never Makes Excuses!

There is not enough tough men today!

A man who has built toughness, is not pushed by adversity to do things that will not help his situation!

Tough guys don’t revert back to booze, drugs or food when times get tough.

Men that build a toughness through a lifetime of adversity doesn’t look to ease his pain, by choosing weakness!

When trouble finds a tough man he gets tougher, harder and meaner, he gets pissed at himself for his situation, he knows he fucked up, he has to fix it, no excuses, no blaming others, he takes 100%  responsibility for his life!

You can’t tell people how tough you are, you can only show people how tough you are, by living a life of toughness!

Toughen Up!

Johnny Grube



  1. Definitely spit on with you can’t tell people you’re tough . Social media has made alot of people feel they’re tough but little do they know. Toughness speaks for itself .

    Awesome article as always . Keep them coming

  2. Like how I never make excused as to why I don’t work out. I just workout and get it over with to build a stronger body everyday for survival. And Chuck, yep social media toughness is a coward’s way out to being actually tough. If they were to meet up with a person who can redeem himself, he will get his ass kicked. FUCK INTERNET/KEYBOARD WARRIORS OUT THERE!!! THEY CAN BEAT THEMSELVES UP TO DEATH!!!

  3. @Marovsky

    How’s it going bro ? Always good hearing from you. I agree wholeheartedly on just get it over with to have a stronger body . By pushing through when coming home from a hard days work it not only builds the physical but also the mental . People have every excuse under the sun as if they don’t face daily challenges like any other person . I don’t knock what anyone does but I hate when they want to ask me what I do etc.. and then give me a ton of fucking excuses as to why they don’t. Training for example …. it’s always oh I get up super early or oh I have to work 10hr shifts etc.. etc.. Half the time the people telling me this shit sit in booths all day swiping identification cards or serving coffee . They just gives reasons to validate their weakness . Glad we’re not apart of that breed.

    And as of those keyboard warriors they must feel tough because both hands are always balled up to an extent . One on their computer mouse and the other on their little dicks lmao

  4. @Chuck

    Yep, I am doing good. Thanks for asking. So yeah, everyday is a challenge and people think that bitching about it will make things better, but in reality they are just playing themselves. There is no such thing as an easy day, only being tough against the hardships that life throws at you. I have been reading a book called “Might Is Right”, and Johnny Grube has said that this book will offend a lot of people(who really cares if they are) it says that Nature is cruel and merciless and the only way to survive is to being strong. There is that one quote I love: “Nature curses the weak and blesses the strong” “Man is a natural warrior” trust me this book pumps me up everytime I read it. I hope you check it out some time.

    Btw, I am still training hard as I am suppose to for survival, took pain and sweat to reach the level I am at now.

  5. @Marovsky

    Definitely gotta check the book out . Looking forward to it. That quote is phenomenal !

  6. @Chuck

    Hell yeah it is! This book will open your eyes as to what man really had to go through. Trust me, there is some harsh rants, but there are things that are too brutally true to believe.

  7. Like Johnny Grube has said, no excuses. Finished doing 10 rounds of 10 pull ups, 100 pushups, and 100 squats. Brutal workout!!!

  8. @Maraovsky:
    great training!
    do you do normal push ups and squats or do you vary them?

  9. @troy

    I don’t vary them, I keep them basic as always, but thanks for asking though.

  10. @Marovsky

    Did you see Johns video yesterday about shoveling snow ? Awesome video definitely check it out if you haven’t

  11. @Chuck

    I actually enjoy shoveling snow myself as well. I would always volunteer to get the work done.

  12. @Marovsky

    Cheers to that .

    Quick question….. who’s the author of the Might is Right book?

  13. @Chuck

    Arthur Desmond.

  14. @Marovsky

    thanks for answering! i like one limb stuff too, but the basics are great! try super slow push ups! great feeling!

  15. @troy

    You’re welcome and although one arm and one leg work is impressive and training slow has its place, I prefer keeping it simple and attack every reps, like push ups for example, the way I do them, I do every rep almost as fast as a machine gun. Of course, every time I show the way I do my push ups, the first thing I would hear, is my form or range of motion. Well I tell them, in daily activities, every day, we don’t have thoughts about range of motion, because range of motion only applies to gyms, not real life(wisdom from Johnny Grube). The only time I would do one limb work is to test how strong I am. I would see if all the basic training would help me achieve amazing strength feats, such as doing a one arm handstand push ups, despite keeping my training as simple as 1 + 1 = 2. Like Johnny Grube, first time doing a one arm superman push up WITH 45 lbs ON HIS BACK, despite only doing manual labor, and keeping it simple.

  16. @Marovsky

    I agree with you wholeheartedly on keeping it simple and fast as a machine gun . Trust me I’ve heard the criticism from all walks of life when it comes to them and the majority that criticize it are people that have been or are always injured and or can’t even do a fraction of my workouts .

    Another thing that gets me these days is the big talk of this explosive training aka plyometrics everyone’s talking about . They are jumping , hopping, clapping etc.. Yet are still failing in basic everyday endeavors. They have no clue that explosive is simply explosive . If you’re banging out pushups like a machine gun that is clearly explosive. I don’t knock no ones training but there’s no need to be clapping jumping etc… I have crazy explosion in my punches and kicks and do basic fast training as you would say machine gun training and I feel like a God doing it . Alot of shit that’s out there is all to try and sell you something . Basics go along way . Simplicity is definitely the key .

  17. @Chuck

    Yep, you got that right man. If I have to take a lot of shit from people who make fun of how I do my training, they can kiss marketing sell out’s ass because what I am doing will prepare me for war in this unforgiving planet, I’m not trying to look pretty, I am not training for huge egos like the muscleheads in the gym, I am training for war, for battle, for survival, to be one of the fittest men who walked the earth.

    Might is right quotes: “Nature is cruel, unforgiving, and merciless. She only smiles at the ones who are strong, capable to hold their own, to survive. She curses the ones who prefer to follow the weak, who can’t survive.”

    Nature goes by survival of the fittest, and if something were to happen, only a handful would survive, most would die.

  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h1baaJV

    Glen does 100 push ups explosively, the majority who would criticize can’t manage this.

  19. @Marovsky

    Definitely gonna check this out . Thanks

  20. Ha, so what did you see Chuck?

  21. @Marovsky

    I love how he smashes religion. I Feel the same way on the topic . Still reading but I like it so far

  22. @Chuck

    Good to hear bro.

  23. @Chuck

    Check the link I have sent bro, it shows Glen doing the push ups explosively, without having thoughts of “perfect form” or “range of motion”.

  24. @Marovsky

    Saw it already. Fucking dude is a monster ! Try this workout when you get a chance …

    Burpees with the pushup fast and shadow boxing after for 15mins straight . Or you can time it for rounds etc…

    Example …. 30 seconds burpees , 30 seconds shadow boxing total of 3 times rest a min for 6 rounds. Shit is intense I love it. Or do it any way you desire

  25. @Marovsky

    Shadow box like you’re trying to destroy someone

  26. @Chuck

    I will try it tonight, thanks for the advice man!

  27. @Chuck

    By the way, I do those type of push ups: fast as a machine gun without any worry of making my form perfect, because as Glen MacCharles has said: “I am training for strength, speed, and endurance, not a prize for the prettiest looking push ups”. I laughed at that because it was so true, whenever I workout, my movements are never perfect in “form”, but I still have ass kicking results.

  28. 200 knuckle push ups, WITHOUT STOPPING. I don’t know my limits LOL!!!

  29. @Marovsky

    Now that’s what I call going hard . And us Wildmen are meant to break limits

  30. @Chuck

    Hell yeah!!!

  31. Right on with being tough. I remember I was working out and feeling fatigued and beat. Little did I know I had cancer. I was diagnosed with it. I worked out the day after my treatments. I felt terrible but I did what I could with my workouts. Thanks for your support.

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