A Weak, Fat Man is a Selfish Prick!

Today we are getting sicker and weaker from the food and from our weak lifestyle.

People say healthy food is expensive. First healthy food is natural food, which is
real food, which is the way we are supposed to eat.

Nutritious food is not expensive when you look at the cost of a life time of
eating food that is not nutritious!

The first thing is better food is more expensive because it takes hard work to
produce food that is worth eating, and eating better will enhance the mind
and body and not destroy it.

Look at what we choose to spend our money on, cell phones that cost hundreds of
dollars a month, cable tv, huge tvs, expensive clothes, expensive cars, big homes,
motorcycles and boats, and alcohol.

People that live life buying as many material things spend a lot of time sick, broke
and emotionally, mentally and physically wrecked, which is why depression and
anxiety runs roughshod through society and obesity is the main cause
of early death.

So as your life becomes more complicated through no fault of your own, you
decide the best way to get through a hard life is to eat shit food, buy all the
things you can to fill the void of a pathetic wasted life because of constant bad
choices, not once realizing that people count on you!

Men today spend so much time sitting on the couch watching tv that has very
little value. It’s just an escape from reality, and to prolong and weaken the
already slipping man!

Men who participate in an afternoon of watching sports of eating and drinking
booze feel this is the way men are men.But these “Couch Whales” take it a step
further by playing fantasy football, because after years of watching football
they are now smart enough to pick the dream team! Yeah FANTASY football
how weak is that!

Weak Men look to other weak men to validate their choices!

Men would rather throw their money at a boat, a pick up truck or motorcycle
instead of working to stay strong and healthy, so they can continue to protect
and provide, a weak sick man can’t compete with the savages at the

Most men are weak and getting weaker, even the so called tough guys are weaker
then ever, both physically and mentally!

Choose the strong way or choose the weak way, and hope you make the right
choice! Because if you don’t, your choice to live with sickness and weakness
puts everyone you know and love at risk!


Strength Builds Toughness

Johnny Grube


  1. Big fat sportsball fans need to go the way of the dinosaur.

  2. I here you what your saying n where your coming from ur brave man to speak out and say it as it is WELL DONE !!
    Glad your back at sending newsletters your breath of FRESH AIR in a constipated society

    Thanks x

  3. When i was growing up in the UK in 70s an 80s this was how men spoke now here as it seems in US you have to be brave to do so how things have changed some for the better others not so much.

  4. Men playing video games have no honor . Then they’ll be the first to say they have no time to workout or no time to play with their children but they will find time for video games , social media , sports and all other shit that causes weakness . Dam shame what men have become

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