A Weak Mans Opinions Are Of Less Value!

Stop listening to weak men, stop listening to feminine men, stop
to the ideas of weak men!

We have run in to a society where everyone has an opinion, even men that
have no right to an opinion! These men are a disease and look to pick fights
with someone they have no intention of getting confrontational in person.

My rule is unless they can show me that they have the experience, put in the
time, have devoted their life, or are respected they are not worth listening to.

A man that never stepped in a gym should have no opinion on strength,
if a man has never been in a fight or punched in the face he should never
give advice on fighting or self defense.

Social media has given everyone one a voice, and they have the right to voice
an opinion, the problem is they usually give opinions on things that they
have feelings about, FUCK YOUR FAGGOT FEELINGS!

Men sometimes only respond to violence, sometimes a man
needs smacked in the mouth!
Don’t give me the “It’s Immature”
it’s because you can’t fight! Men are made to FUCK and FIGHT!

Men that can handle themselves very rarely look to attack another man
just because his feelings were hurt, only weak, soft men that are effeminate
attack men they don’t know!

Strong men that have a problem with another, have no problem solving their
differences, and believe me, you know if you are that man or not!

So stop listening to weak men who have no business even talking to you!

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