Ab Training for the Misinformed!

Why does every expert chime in and tell me when I do an exercise to do it
a way that the abs get more work? #1 All my workouts incorporate my core.
#2 I very rarely do any ab isolation movements. #3 I do NOT care about
getting a six pack. #4 Unless the man or woman telling me has a super strong
core and I’m not talking about a couple of minutes of the “Plank” I don’t
want to hear from them. #5 If me doing ” Superman Pushups ” with a 60lb
back pack on doesn’t say super man type core then I’m confused!

That is one of the problems today, and it’s people only care about weight loss
and abs. I don’t. Another funny thing is “Experts” will tell you the correct way
to do a certain exercise, my question is where are they getting their info from?

In my life if the body isn’t ready for quick, explosive full body movements I
won’t be working long. Train your body slow and in one position will cause
problems when you actually do anything that requires any fast movements.

“Train your body for real movement not gym movement”

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube



  1. Love it! I was always weary about fast, explosive movements and trusted form above all else (even when doing your course) but since I said “f*ck it, I’ll trust him in this too” I’ve had no injuries while going fast as I can, my pushups in a single setting have improved from 35-50 slow reps to 70-80 fast reps in a minute (without pushing myself for more), and I can do 8 ab wheels from a standing position. There’s more to your core than just that little sixer I’ve discovered! Thanks for everything!

  2. scratch that, just did 10 ab wheelies before they got a lil sloppy. haha. 😀

  3. Having a six pack is way overrated in my opinion. Full body movements with a focus on the abs are way better than crunches and all that machine crap. Great post Johnny.

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