Ab Wheel 50 Rep Challenge!

I’m a big fan of the old school training tool the “Ab Wheel”  since I was a teenager thought it was the best exercise for building a punch and kick proof body!

I have used the ab wheel through the years but very sparingly until about 5 years ago when I started using it weekly, and never realized the higher reps were more of a workout than most people could ever handle.

Anything over 50 reps is a great test, anything over 100 reps puts you in man among men category over 100 you are in the superhuman category.

I train with the Ab Wheel different using it as a conditioning exercise, for high reps up to as many as 600 in a workout!

The way the upper body is brought into play is crazy, the tension on the entire upper body is very demanding, especially the core, chest and triceps! Time Under Tension!

You CAN’T do high reps unless you are in great physical condition!

So here is the challenge:

50 kneeling Ab Wheel Rollouts as fast as possible!

It’s an all out sprint!

I completed 50 in about 1:09, that is moving!

DO NOT attempt if you are not or do not use the Ab Wheel regularly!

It’s a test and training tool for strong, conditioned men!

Johnny Grube


  1. I stopped briefly at my 41st rep but I still completed 50 reps. Great article Johnny Grube!

  2. I just did only 6 standing ab wheel rollouts which is not that bad despite not training for it at all,mostly superman pushups.Not as much as johnny, but ill improve from here and want to do at least 50 or more of the standing variation.Not sure how much kneeling ones I can do but ill try it.

  3. @John Smith

    Keep working hard man, I myself can do standing ab wheel roll outs, without practicing them.

  4. That was wonderful! Completed in just under 2 minutes. I’ve done standing rollouts for the core development but it is surprising how much the chest and arms swell when doing high reps on your knees. Great challenge to teach that the old school, hard work, simplicity approach is effective and should not be neglected. Thank you.

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