Ab Wheel Rollouts A True Sign Of Physical Strength and Conditioning!

I will never buy another fitness, strength, or conditioning book, after 37 years of self study, nothing is new, unless you consider new some expert who “Invents” a new hybrid exercise like:

The burpee, pullup, deadlift, curl, handstand pushup, muscle up, kettlebellĀ  swing is 1 rep!

And is the new 10 minute fat burner giving you the body of a Spartan in the movie 300

The reason I turned my back in the main stream “Gym Culture” it NEVER changed, same exercises, same workouts, but by putting the same shit in glossy magazines, with a 25 year old fitness model it will somehow give you hope!

Who really cares whether you have abs?

Is it really natural to have a low percentage of bodyweight, fuck no!

Our bodies are made to have some fat, by having some fat I’m not talking big belly, flat is okay, a six pack never means function!

I remember watching pro wrestler Bob Backlund doing Step ups and doing Ab Wheel Rollouts in the 70’s it always stuck with me because of his insane strength, he actually told me personally now, in his 70’s it was the reason he maintained his high level of fitness and strength!

The other day someone commented and said “don’t listen to this guy he will get someone hurt”, yeah, my hard philosophy of not being a pussy might offend you to the point your weak mind will cause your weak body to be offended by different training, causing INJURY!

I don’t want your opinion unless you can show me you have something to offer. Like experience, a video something, or your opinion is as useless as you trying to convince me you are a man!

I’ m a big fan of Step ups and Ab Wheel Rollouts because I use them as an actual strength and conditioning workout, while most men doing more than 20 will be in so much pain, it will intimidate their weak body and mind into giving them up!

The other day talking to 31 year old who told me Ab Wheel Rollouts hurt his back, yeah, they hurt everyone’s back, I said, it’s because most men have weak backs!

I occasionally test myself with weighted Ab Wheel Rollouts but it’s not necessary, once you go over 100 you are a fucking machine!

I will continue going my own way, I will not conform!

Like what I say or not I’m still going to write it anyhow!

Johnny Grube


  1. I am able to do standing ab wheel rollouts, despite not training for them at all. I just trained doing the basics, all in high reps. Ab wheel rollouts are a killer, I consider myself to having a body of steel.

  2. You do!

  3. Wow, who knew I would get strong that quick. All thanks to you John Grube, you saved me from marketing bullshit imposed by society.

  4. Marovsky, glad I help a few people!

  5. @Johnny Grube

    You’re a bigger inspiration than you think . What you’ve done for me you’ll never know

  6. Just a real guy who isn’t pushing expert status, just my 37 years of experience, and opinions that go against the majority, thanks brother.

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