Abortion Debate!


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People are losing their mind that they may not be allowed to eliminate unborn babies.

But who are the women losing their mind?

Do you think these are women you would want in your life?

Do you think a woman who walks around bragging about having an abortion would be a
woman who wouldn’t take you for everything you have, and / or charge you with rape?

Do you want a daughter who wants to use abortions as birth control because she is a whore?

My thought is let them have what they want, they are to stupid to realize that they are eliminating
another like them, with the same views and values and will soon become extinct.

The less of these people the better, don’t be offended, I’m defending what they want!

Toughen The Fuck Up!

Johnny Grube



  1. As if someone that ugly is ever going to get knocked up in the first place !

  2. You’re projecting an extremely small group of people that have nothing to do with you and abortion is not as black and white as you make it out to be Johnny. Just because a woman with a different colored hair and is a different size than to your liking, aren’t all liberal and have abortions. Abortions have been happening a lot longer than this and for reasons even you can’t possibly fathom. I knew people who had abortions and had nothing to do with being liberal or because of the way they looked. Some people were forced into abortions as far back as the 40s or even longer when it was illegal.

    You have no real idea what goes on with women and no woman in their right mind would ever brag about an abortion. It happens but statistically extremely rare. Who gives a flying fuck what color her hair is or the size of her? By the way, that is not an ugly woman in that picture. I’ve been around women much worse looking than that and compared to them, this woman looks beautiful. You have no clue what goes on with women, no man ever really does no matter how much you think you do, it’s virtually impossible to really understand women.

    Out of the billions of women on the planet, only a fraction of that get abortions for reasons nobody talks about or wants to hear. What you also don’t get is that for the majority of women, abortion is the last thing they would ever want but under severe circumstances it does happen possibly to save their life.

    I’m not against women who have/had an abortion under circumstances that we’rent in their control. I am against abortion to the degree that it just gets done and don’t suffer the consequences of that action both physically and mentally. There are people out there who are like that but it’s very very rare on the general spectrum. Again, it’s not all black and white Johnny and you’ll never truly understand the gray area that goes on. So do us a favor, live your life and do things that make you happy instead of going after people that you wouldn’t have any business being around. Your hatred is going to bite you in the ass and as much as I do t wish you ill harm, you’re putting yourself in situations that can harm you and your family and you’re looking for a war that you’ll 1000% will not win. Quit the hating and be a man that shows what training is. This isn’t your fight and you’re fighting a losing battle dude. Its not worth your time. Again you have more than this to deal with. Be better.

  3. Here is a guy who is going to tell me how to be a better man. Did you read what I said?
    Abortions are fine, just not for my daughters, unless medical or rape.

    And what war will I lose? The war against men like you? Come on, I been fighting my whole
    life, males like you have no idea what violence is.

    You are a naïve dude who really doesn’t experience life through actually doing it.
    You are the type of dude destroying old school family values. Fat women and fat men
    don’t care about themselves, they are full of self hate.

    You are the typical momma’s boy wearing Star Wars shirts playing the game of superhero.

    More men think like I do, than think like you.

    Telling the truth is not hatred. But intentionally getting fat is self hatred
    and hatred for your family.

    Abortion used for birth control is self hatred all social justice issues are
    founded in self hatred.

    Times were better with men like me calling out weak pussies, you couldn’t manage
    one day in an old school blue collar environment it would be to much for your female
    mind, could be the percentage of body fat producing too much estrogen.

    I am full of hatred for the losers who fuck up society, like the shit bags that defend
    criminal shit bags like George Floyd and who try to confuse children into thinking they
    are trans or gay, I have grandchildren to worry about.

    Ben, you will leave a small legacy if any, you will probably not have children or
    grandchildren so it doesn’t matter how degenerate the country gets, it won’t impact you.

    The only hatred is for emotionally weak men, and people who fight against old school principals
    and values.

    Proud grandfather of 9 grandchildren because my daughters weren’t pigs using abortions as
    birth control.

  4. Rob, we need to be careful of the white knights who can only get ugly fat women, will don’t want
    to make them angry, they might come at us wearing a “Captain America” shirt or something.

  5. LOL Wow….

    Never said a war against someone like me bro. I was referring to a war that literally can’t be won even by someone like you. I’ve been fighting my whole life too just on a different scale than you. I don’t doubt ever you’ve had to fight but also you probably got into fights that weren’t necessary just for the sake of fighting. Really, I don’t know violence? I grew up in a city where it was typical for gangbangers, pimps, hookers and junkies to walk down the street, gun violence, stabbings, turf wars…Grew up around those areas. I’ve also had kids pin me down while one whaled on me and even had a relative pin me down and beat the hell out of me, nice try but I’ve been around physical, verbal and psychological violence.

    Never really experienced life? You’d be shocked at what I’ve experienced. Believe it or not, I share some of the same values as you, I just have a bit more compassion and understanding of people. Typical Mama’s boy? really, how original. And what’s wrong with wearing a Star Wars shirt or into Superheroes? That’s right, nothing. There are a lot of strong people out there who are into that stuff. Ever heard of Ryan Pitts? That guy is a bigger nerd than I’ll ever be and he’s one of the strongest dudes on the planet that actually builds custom equipment. I do what I can and just like anyone else that’s all I can do.

    Seriously, why do you need to call men out? What do you really gain out of that, where’s the endgame and what gives you the right to tell people how they should live? Just because you grew up “hard” doesn’t give you the authority to tell others to be that way. Not all people grew up the way you did and quite frankly, who the fuck would want to. You said it yourself, you already starting thinking about fucking at 10 years old, who in their right mind would want a kid thinking of that at that age? That is sick and fucked up.

    Wouldn’t last a day in a blue collar environment? Dude, I’ve spent time building a walkway on a steep ass hill, Hauled furniture for years, worked for a family friend on a golf course that he was working on hauling heavy platforms out of trucks and a house that’s worth more than your salary. Had my fair share man and I love doing it, I just don’t do it for a living which is fine regardless of what you think.

    I do agree society in many areas are fucked up, society has always had its fair share of fuck ups, it’s never going to be all sunshine and rainbows. The George Floyd shit, I stopped paying attention to that not too long after I heard about it. Some people do “celebrate” criminals, shit man, there’s still statues of southern civil war “heroes” up in the south celebrating people who still wanted to use human beings as if they were property (slaves). What about the Statue of a fictional character? Yeah, the Rocky statue in Philly, from a general idea, I find it pretty damn stupid, yet I understand the symbolism behind it.

    Let me ask you this, most likely will never happen but what if one of your grandkids does decide to become gay or trans, would you love them the same as you do now or would you toss them like trash? I’ve grown up around gay folks, transvestites, lesbians and whomever is LGTBQ+ and never once felt brainwashed or had a hatred for them, they’re still human beings, some were assholes and some became friends of mine. I have even been in a Gay Pride Parade with an ex of mine a long time ago and yeah it had some weird shit but that was typical of where I grew up but no kids I ever knew had issues or were forced into that kind of thing, some I knew ended committing suicide because there was trauma that they couldn’t get away from no matter what they did and they weren’t trans, gay or whatever.

    When it comes to kids of my own, that I won’t get into with you because someone like you could never understand especially when it comes to being with someone who can’t have children of her own because of a birth defect that she was born with that effects 1 in 2000 women.

    I’m glad you’re a proud grandparent, but are you proud of your own kids as a parent? Are you proud of your kids and not because they gave you grandkids? What about your oldest daughter who wrote two books about her struggles, are you proud of her? I ask because you ramble on about how you raised your kids and they didn’t struggle like you did yet one wrote not one but two books that talks about her insecurities, struggles with body dysmorphia and fighting everyday to make something of herself. I don’t know about you but regardless of what my daughter thought of me or how I raised her, I still find it ballsy to do that and I would be proud of her because she made a choice to do something that was risky yet badass to do.

    I’ve seen photos of all your kids, I’m only about a year older than your oldest but from the photos and some of the things they’ve put up are freaking awesome and I’ll say it again, your daughters have awesome tattoos that have real meaning to them yet you have said tattoos on women make them look ugly, so does that make your own flesh and blood ugly? Are you really that shallow and so what if they drink or whatever, they’re grown adults. I’ve seen a pic of your son wearing a mask, so does that make him a pussy for wearing it since you have clearly pointed out that any man who wears a mask is a pussy.

    Whether I leave a legacy or not is my thing, not yours. This country has always had a degenerate problem since it was founded, it just has add ons in every generation. Men have dressed up as women since the days of burlesque shows, not many but it has happened, ever seen Victor, Victoria…Some Like It Hot? This isn’t something that just popped up out of nowhere, gay people have been around since the days of Caligula, it’s just been more open now, not everyone who is gay is going to molest a kid or brainwash them, many just want their own family like anyone else. Trans people are also human beings who just want to feel accepted and not thrown out like trash or treated like some kind of monster, some are a little out there and have problems but not all are here to destroy everybody and make a kid trans, that’s not exactly how that works.

    Anyways, if you’re so against this shit, go to city council meetings or write letters to your congressman, find a group to form a “club” to devour the degenerates (good luck trying), run as a councilman, protest somewhere in your town because all you’re really doing is bitching, moaning and whining because your values aren’t seeing the way you want them to, you just run your mouth. Have fun with the time you have on this earth, show some compassion and understanding, talk about things that you love, not what you hate because the more you talk about what you hate, the less you’ll end up finding love for something and this crusade you’re on is going to bite you in the ass one day whether you realize it or not. Relax and enjoy your life because in 1000 or even 100 years from now, it’s not going to matter because we’ll all be dead. The world is fucked up, especially here but there’s beauty amongst the chaos and we all should try to find that.

    Oh BTW, here’s a little present for you to let you and others like you know what I think of people who believe nerds are weak and people who wear superhero/star wars shirts are weak.


  6. Saw your Middle Finger Deadlift Hold. Not too bad man, actually inspired me to see how long I can go and filmed it. Held it for about 40 seconds with the Darth Vader KB (70 lbs.). I actually will take a compliment you thought I was 230-240…I’m just under 265. Been doing a lot of Hill Sprints lately and do just about the same type of training as you (loaded carries, weighted walking, isometrics, step ups, ab wheel and animal crawls). With the lift, no warmup or even putting much thought into it, just did it and let the time go by on its own. You might want to check my other videos, they’re not too shabby for a guy 100 lbs bigger than you.

    For the record Johnny, again I never once questioned your work ethic or your way of training, it’s awesome and it is inspiring. We just have different views on the world and what we see and neither one of us is perfect. You and I both want to make our mark in our lives. Do I think you’re an asshole, yes and you think I’m just some big dude who has no idea what he’s talking about which is fine, you have the right to your opinion and I have a right to mine. We both are a major contrast to one another but one thing we both can agree on….Training is essential for life and conditioning is what gets the job done more than anything. You have your ways, I have mine and we will never agree on 95%+ of the things we believe in. Despite the shit going on right now and our opinions of one another, I do wish you a Happy Father’s Day.


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