All Day – All Natural Snacking Diet

I have gotten a lot of requests for how I eat. First of all
there is no special diet or pill so forget about looking. I
told you before if you keep looking you will become confused.

No diet is perfect. But there are things you can do to make
it a lot easier. If you are busy and spend a lot of time away
from home and on the road always carry health snacks, this way
you won’t always be hungry and you’ll be less tempted to stop
and buy food you know you shouldn’t eat.

I personally don’t like to eat much while I’m working. I snack
all day long. I always bring fruits,vegetables,eggs nuts or seeds I
carry a protein drink with me just in case.

I drink at least a gallon of water a day and always make time
for exercise, sometimes I only get 5 minutes. But I still do
something every single day.

By carrying my food with me I can always snack when I’m hungry.
By eating this way my energy stays high I don’t get sluggish.

You need to be alert during the day and the last thing you need
is to not have energy then go home tired then eat until bedtime.

For dinner I usually eat a big salad. I try to stay away from the
processed food, but once in a while is o.k but the more you eat
as natural as possible the better results you will get.

Stay away from protein bars,granola bars etc. They are usually
loaded with sugar. Never drink soda or any unnatural juices they
have no value at all.

I’m not planning all day what I’m going to eat for lunch or dinner
I eat when I’m hungry and I try not to eat when I’m stressed.

Pretty basic. But it works. Let know what you think and if this
helped anyone.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. hey jhonny,
    nice to see a real guy out there, amazing information and everything is absolutely true.
    being a fellow wildman I was just amazed u dont even mention about eating like the wildman,
    that’s one meal a day consisting of lots of fruits veggies, natural FATS!! lean protein, nuts seeds. and never bothering about the portions just listening to the body, whist just grazing the rest of the day or detoxing.
    I agree Americans are obseessed with diets and can not do without junk crap because its simply so addictive its a legal drug according to me.
    just my 2 cents man.
    keep the good work going.

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