All Men Hate Effeminate Men.

Men who choose weakness are traitors to their families, their state and their country.

All worthwhile women only accept a strong man, a strong man would NEVER give his daughter his blessing to marry a man not worthy, a man that shows constant weakness and neediness.

Most young men today have weak fathers.

Most men experience their fathers sitting around watching sports who never were capable of playing sports.

Fathers that are fat and useless.

Fathers that spend more time playing video games than working.

Fathers that allow their wives to support them.

Fathers that dress like women.

Fathers that sit around crying the victim.

Fathers that cope with excessive booze or drugs.

Fathers that play the system and take from tax payers.

This is why males are transitioning into effeminate men into todays society.

Men are not fighters anymore, its easier to give up, its acceptable to look for sympathy and make excuses.

Only weak men will tell you it’s strength to show constant weakness, don’t buy into that bullshit.


Johnny Grube

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