All Men Have Weakness!

I feel like I’m beating dead horse calling men out on weakness.

All men have weakness, we all have experienced weakness.

I know my weakness, but I won’t project my weakness to the world.

To many men tell everyone their personal problems, unless you are real close to me, I don’t really care.

Most men actually are looking for sympathy.

I prefer to vent and talk to myself in solitude, insane?

Works for me.

I don’t turn to drugs or booze to change my situation, I don’t take any anti psychotic drugs or see a shrink.

I’m very unpredictable.

Mental illness or by design?

The friends I do have, we talk about our situations, no crying or complaining because we will make fun of each other!

We all fight demons, but I would rather fight my demons on my own, it makes me stronger, when you slay your demon, another is on the way!

Work on your own weakness, don’t let weak society tell you, you always need others to help you, eventually you won’t be able to help yourself, you will look for others to drag you up!

Johnny Grube


  1. If a man can’t overcome his weaknesses by himself he will only get weaker.

  2. No one online slaughters weak men like you do. You are a powerful voice and a unique one. You have no idea how much your articles and videos are anticipated. Keep them coming brother

  3. Toughness is a need, not a want.

  4. Thanks brother!

  5. Rob, correct!

  6. Marovsky correct!

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