American Society Will Continue To Get Weaker Because Of The Anti Bullying Agenda!

Society started getting weaker when society weaklings started the “Anti-Bullying” movement!
Bullies have their place, they build strength in weak people!

Almost everyone has been bullied and most people become stronger because of it.

People need to be taught to stand up for themselves, so they grow into men and not little
sheltered weaklings having society fight their battles.

Being bullied taught men how to fight, got them lifting weights or got them in martial arts!

I was bullied just like any other kid, first beat on in grade school and I didn’t fight back
I was a shy kid, not a weak kid just didn’t like confrontation.

Then got the okay to fight back, cause my mom was tired of me coming home with ripped
clothes and scratched and bruised up face and a grade or two ahead at that time is big.
Little did these kids know I was in Karate for a couple of years and was very capable, they
soon stopped picking on me.

Then in junior high I moved and it started again, a new kid and the local toughs had to try me
but not knowing anyone or having no real friends I avoided the situation as long as I could
again it didn’t workout for these tough guys. After that a path was cleared for me and my
two younger siblings, and has even helped my son out of a jam because of the reputation
I built by standing and fighting and stomping ass!

Even dealt with my two oldest kids who one time had a bully until they were made to handle
their business they did and the bullying was over!

Running from a physical beating is never as bad as the mental beating you live with forever
if you run and don’t stand and fight

In nature strength weeds out weakness, the weak are always preyed upon and this also plays out
in the real world!

Below is how you handle a bully!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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