An Endless Legend

I write about strength and how men are responsible to protect and provide, to be looked at by their wife and kids like a legend!

Legends don’t watch tv all day, they expect more from themselves than anyone else, they continually learn and study!

Legends don’t tell their kids to stay away from booze and drugs while they sit, get drunk watching sports on tv.

Your wife and kids look to you to control every situation, they don’t want you to be hard, but it’s the mans job to be hard, no women will ever respect a weak man, and strong men NEVER respect a weak man!

Whining, complaining, blaming others, excuses doesn’t make a man a legend, hard work and toughness and never quitting on yourself or family makes you a legend!

A man that quits on his family is a disgraceful man, he deserves to be vilified, he needs to be shamed!

I had had a surprise 50 th birthday the other day and was given a sweatshirt by my wife of 25 years it said:

“The Legend Is Alive”


“An Endless Legend”

Wives or kids don’t get things like this for a man that isn’t respected!

I am always proud to get something like a cup they get made that says,

“Bad Ass” or “Bad Ass Grandpop” which I did get.

I know by getting gifts like that, that I am doing my job as a man!

My family is my responsibility, I love taking care of my family, and I love that my family sees me as “An Endless Legend”!

Be Your Families Legend!

Johnny Grube


  1. You are the man among men Grube!!



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