Are feeble minded people deciding your limitations?

What feeble minded people are deciding your limits?

Just because a weak minded person doesn’t think something
can be done doesn’t mean they are correct. Weak people will
always try and keep you at their level of failure. People
create and do great things every day, pushing physically and
mentally past their limits. Things once thought impossible
become possible because someone believed that it was possible.

It’s the weak feeble minded people that sit around figuring out
how it can’t be done, instead of going out and taking
the first step to becoming great. Going against the majority
will put you in a small group of action takers and doers.

The first big push for me was a senior in high school wondering
if I could do 1,200 pushups in one hour.  At first I thought to
myself this will be tough, never doing any volume like that.

Even though being a serious weight trainer and having a bench
press of 330lbs at 145lbs,  but I figured I will give it a shot
and see where I finish at and then a least I will have a
starting point.

I used the clock of a VCR and figured that if I did 20 every
minute for 60 minutes I will have accomplished 1,200 pushups.

I stuck to the simple plan, not doing more or less, just stuck to
20 every time the clock changed, then I would have a little
rest waiting for the clock to change.

I finished just like I wanted 1,200 pushups in one hour, because I
had a goal and seen the end, I knew that at the end I would have to
push harder to accomplish the goal and refused to let my mind tell
my body to quit.

I would have fallen over dead before I threw in the towel. And you
know what, after accomplishing the goal it became easier to
accomplish bigger feats of physical and mental training.

Once I broke my limited thinking and my own mental barrier it got
easier to set bigger goals, and I always seem to accomplish my
fitness goals, I really believe that if it’s important to me my
mind will figure out a way to get the job done.

Since then I have always had the belief that I will get it done,
Including establishing and breaking world records. There will
always haters but that shouldn’t bother you. What people think of
me or what they believe is none of my business. As long as I
continue to get better and do the best I can, I will have no
trouble sleeping at night.

My opinion you will get nowhere listening to people that have
done nothing, have proven nothing and continue to do nothing.

I never listen to anyone that isn’t doing better than me. I’m not
going to ask a bum where to invest 5,000 dollars and I won’t listen
to someone tell me what they think I’m capable of, I will decide

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Well said as always!

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