Are you you a closed minded ASSHOLE???

This what most men and women are like. Most men and women will believe the first person
they think is right and will never do their research and argue about something they know nothing

If they heard it from their grandfather or grandmother it’s got to be right. If their mother or father
told them it must be right.

When you live and work around a bunch of negative and closed minded people they suck the energy
away from you. They make your life more difficult. You know why they are always right. You can
show them facts and they will still argue their point instead of saying I was wrong keep arguing.

I know a lady who only drinks coffee and smokes she is short and fat, she told me that she drinks
water it’s in her coffee. She actually thinks this is drinking water and she isn’t a young women.

I have heard people say that there really isn’t any fact that smoking is bad for your health. Can really
argue with a person like this? The best thing to do is get away as soon as possible before you explode
and tell these people  that they are dumbest  people around.

You wouldn’t want to hurt someones feeling’s would you?

Remember Toughness Builds Winners.

Johnny Grube


  1. Thomas Curl says

    Yes, i would want to badly hurt that person’s feelings.

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