Attacked By The Sickness That Is Delusion!

Our way of life is being attacked!

We live in a backwards world where good is bad and bad is good.

The delusional minded among us are completely unhinged and causing society to fall into a state of physical and mental survival!

The sick minded among us think kids should be exposed to naked men at gay pride parades, it’s okay children are being brainwashed to think boys and girls really don’t exsit.

How is this NOT child abuse?

Drug addicts are taking over the streets in major cities, illegal immigrants are treated better than American citizens, pedophilia is now a lifestyle and not a sickness.

Weak white men apologize for being straight and white.

A strong man will not live within the rules of the physically and mentally ill!

We have the complete unhinged call for the death of people who eat animals, but think killing a baby through abortion is absolutely fine.

I have a solution to the drug addiction problem in these Democratic run cities.

Euthanize ALL heroin addicts on the street who are shooting up in public, passed out, or can’t function!

These useless druggies are a fucking danger to the health of our society.

Give the druggies a warning, Get Help, or Be Destroyed!

Who wants to live among with the urban savages who commit crime, infect our society with infectious diseases?

Only a fucking dummy would think society in the cities is anything more than fucking sewers full of shit people!

Cities are a reflection of the people who live in the cities.

It’s time to clean up the shit, to put down the useless and diseased who are destroying society!

Start the elimination!


  1. Best article yet . It’s a shame how people are having pity for these fucking wasted bums . Living in rural areas is the best way to go so one doesn’t have to witness these fucking eye sores . Its a shame what this fucking society has succumb to .

  2. hey johnny,
    what happened to your twitter account? is everything ok? did you shot it down because of the prick?

  3. Troy, Thanks for asking. Someone made a good point. Most of the people on social media I wouldn’t talk to in person, wouldn’t allow them in my circle of friends so why waste time and energy that brings no value at all. A long time ago I unfriended most people on my facebook, I now use it for family and close friends only.

    As far as haters go, these are the weak males who would NEVER think of coming up to me in person, I scare these degenerates. They hide in anonymity seeking attention from men they could never be like.

  4. i see your point, yeah, you are right! most weak fucks abuse the internet because its a safe space for them. fuck that!

    i hope you keep your youtube channel. your training ideas are really good!!!

    all the best!

  5. Beaubronson889 is the bed wetter who seems to waste his little time replying to John Grube’s recent posts lol.

  6. With no life a geek needs a hobby outside of jerking off.

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