Banned From Youtube.

You know when you get banned on social media it’s because you hurt someone’s feelings.

Idiots really believe that people should never get offended. The problem is the people getting offended are people who hate the truth, their truth.

Call out weakness in society you are on the wrong side of the herd mindset.

I was banned for “Medical Misinformation” by calling out the bullshit virus.

No doubt someone will read this and get offended because they know someone who got the virus and died. 

Mostly likely the virus alone didn’t kill your friend, parent, grandparent etc. it was a bad lifestyle of no exercise and shit food!

And it was and still is the democratic tyrants they are not allowing gatherings for funerals, unless it’s a gathering for a black thug who died while was on drugs and lived a life of crime!

The “Misinformation” was me calling bullshit on the rules the elected parasites pushed on us, while the elected parasites did what they wanted, their rules are for us, not them.

The elected parasites have destroyed peoples lives from unlawful lockdowns and most of society listened like good little boys and girls.

If you can’t see how weak society has become, how easy it was for grown men and women to cower in their homes, mostly because they’re fat and sick fucks that are now afraid of dying!

I will continue to push my opinions and continue to offend the mentally and physically weak men and women of this sad society.




  1. I thought freedom of expression should be a guaranteed thing.

    Is the ban temporarily or forever?

    Good thing is, you have your blog.

    Stay strong!

  2. Covid death rates are a pack of lies. In Britain the so-called Covid death rate is actually “Total deaths from all causes within 28 days of testing for covid. ” So if you supposedly had covid but had a heart attack or terminal cancer or got hit by a truck or fell off a ladder and broke your neck , you died of covid
    In any case the covid test is so unreliable a lot of people diagnosed with it never really had it

  3. Rob, I listen to Ivor Cummins. I believe he is from Ireland. Check him out.

  4. Johnny , I just did. The truuth is there for everyone to see , but the great mass of people don’t want to see it

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