Be A Man Of Strength.

All men will feel weak and vurnable at some point in their lives but strong men fight through the physical and mental pain. It’s not an excuse to give up, it’s part of life.

I personally don’t care if you give up, you aren’t part of my tribe, or family.

Quitting is selfish, it’s worse when others count on you for survival.

How can a man walk away from his family and be willing to let them fend for themselves?

A weak male would do that, a man never would.

A man who would walk on his family is a male of weak character, weak willed, and of no use to society.

We build strength to live the best life possible, weak men live shitty lives.

Strong men thrive, weak men take a dive.

We live in easy times and use the opportunity to relax.

We should train hard in easy times to prepare for tough times, because they are coming!

For instance, if words offend you, you are weak and in serious trouble.

If men who embrace strength offend you because you embrace equality and weakness, you are in trouble.

Men who idolize sports figures and wear another man’s Jersey is not respected by his wife or girlfriend, it’s a sign you are a lap dog, and weaker than the guys jersey you wear.

Men who get drunk because their lives suck are not respected by strong men.

Strength is all that ever matters, weakness needs to be temporary and eliminated as fast as possible.

The strong don’t make excuses, the weak do.

Strength breeds strength, weakness destroys families, cities, states and countries.

Johnny Grube


  1. Strength forever!

    Great article!

  2. Strength til the end !

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