Be A More Primal Man

Today society is hell bent on weakening society though the emasculation
of men. Society is looking to engineer very weak effeminate men who can
not or will not fight back! Men are being brainwashed into thinking women
are equal and that strength is a disadvantage! Strength is ALWAYS an
advantage. If anyone ever questions the strength advantage smack him
in the mouth and he will then understand!

Society wants men to lay down and be abused by the weakening society
so the meek stand a better chance, all I can say is FUCK YOU! If you think
I will ever lay down for some weak faggot driven society you are sadly

Society is still looking for ways to to fool men into thinking they aren’t the
stronger sex, guess what men are the stronger sex. Men ARE stronger then
women. Women are not equal, they are different. Strong men still hunt
for women and any women that is looking for a weak man is because they
are looking for someone they can control!

Men are losing their primal instinct, men are becoming women! I still
live like a fucking wild man! I still act primal, I will continue to get stronger
while society gets weaker. Stand up walk tall, fight when you can, everyday
build physical and mental strength! Don’t be the pussy strong men have no
respect for! Be the beast! Be a true Wildman! and tear some shit up!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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