Be Durable, Build Toughness!

Not all training is equal! I was asked if I train on a schedule, have a certain program
I stay on, and the answer is NO!

Training different everyday seems to keep me fresh, and improving, more than when I
was on a program that required me to train with weights on a strict schedule.

A man can get physically fit and strong using almost anything, does it look like I lack

You weight trainers can give it a shot. Some like to say I train mostly for muscular endurance
and I say isn’t that strength? Take the Standing Ab Wheel Rollout, if you are strong it
should be easy for you, right? Well, I have no problem and NEVER trained for the exercises
specifically but managed to be able to do it with my unorthodox training.

I stopped bench pressing 20 years ago and still have not needed a heavy bench press except
in the gym, but maintain a punch proof hard chest through other exercises.

Carrying things up hills and steps are a natural way of life, especially men who have
manual labor jobs, and never heard of any man hurting himself walking up and down
stairs carrying a load hurt himself, unless he fell.

If you can’t shoulder it from the ground under your own power, it probably is damaging your
body, ancient men or even laborers would pick an object up from the ground, shoulder it and
carry it from point A to point B, NOT walking under a rack and shoulder a balanced bar and
squatting it.

Men always hurt their back from squatting and that should tell you something, lifting
weights is NOT a combat sport, men who spend more time hurt or in recovery are just
following the “Gym Culture” and have no clue the price they will pay to say they lifted
heavy weights.

Its important to me to remain as functionally physically fit as long as possible, and to
maintain a high level of fitness without injury, I prefer building a durable body to
an easily injured body.

Be Durable! Build Toughness!

Johnny Grube



  1. Andrew stone says

    I have hurt my back in the gym in the past squatting and deadlifted.
    Never hurt my back doing the farmers walk or at work.

  2. yep. good one!

  3. John,

    I could listen to this advice all day. Years ago I stopped lifting heavy weights. I stopped all the Bench Pressing and heavy Deadlifts. I focus more on basic bodyweight exercises. I am leaner, lighter and my body loves me for it.

  4. BrooklynChuck says

    Body weight training is the way to go

  5. You got that right Chuck!

  6. Just doing pushups, bodyweight squats, and crunches will keep you in pretty good shape. Add some pull ups/chin ups and you have a pretty complete workout.

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