Be Strong and Conditioned Like Men Of The Past!

Today there is constant argument in the fitness culture or cults as the best and only way to train.

Despite people trying to be more healthier, spending more time lifting weights, jogging, biking, walking on treadmills, eating vegan, taking supplements, spending money on expensive clothing, and drinking green smoothies.

Men are weaker, sicker, have lower testosterone, are more emotionally distraught, afraid of women, procreate less, can’t get hard ons from watching to much porn, and are committing suicide at a high rate.

It wasn’t long ago that men didn’t go or need the gym. Men were overall stronger, had higher testosterone, had more kids, they were not eating a vegan or any special diet, worrying about “macros”, drinking green smoothies, watching endless porn, drinking out of water bottles,and they didn’t avoid physical activity.

Most men avoid physical activity outside the gym.

I no longer aspire to have “Gym Conditioning” I would rather have the strength and conditioning of a caveman, of Frontiers men, ancient military, trappers, manual laborers, boxer or wrestler!

Why would men think that today’s men in any gym culture would have the physical and mental toughness of men who built an entire country.

What man would rather have the fitness of a cyclist to that of a Frontiers men?

If a frontiers men of the past met a typical gym strong man in a one on one, the frontiers men would give him a legendary beat down!

Men of the past were tough sons of bitches!

Just look at how much people spend to ride a bike, to jog, or to do cross fit, money for equipment that barely moves the bar.

Most train for good looks not toughness, not durability, or “Conditioned Strength” for vanity!

My opinion, avoid what everyone else is doing and look to the tough sons of bitches, that built and defended our country.

Stop dressing like Lance Armstrong to ride a bike, stop buying “Air Jordans” to play basketball on the local street court, or wearing cologne to train at “Faggot Fitness”!

Train like a man who wants his balls back!

Be A Tough Son Of A Bitch, instead of just being a Bitch!

Johnny Grube


  1. In past kids had chores like chopoing wood,shoveling,care for animals,that early stage makes a difference,u can never catch up when u start with fitness in thirties following some pathetic training regimen 3×5,haha…good article,i like this flash from the past articles,im born in 86,maybe last generation that isnt spoiled

  2. Some docs say that excessive bike riding damages the perineum, causing impotence.

  3. Too many people always seek for the easy way out when it comes to fitness.

  4. Fuck a gym . My job gives me an amazing workout . And plus I train . Labor is the way to go. Great article John

  5. Appalachian Wildman says

    John read “crow killer” its the saga of jeremiah Johnson you would dig it!

  6. Good movie!

  7. What do you think of the training ideas on They’re a website where it’s mainly bodyweight and circuit type training.

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