Being A Man Before Social Media


Think about before technology and social media men really had to be
men, they had no keyboards to hide behind, if you talked smack to
someone he would come to your house and drag you outside to give
you a thumping!

This kept the order in the streets and neighborhoods, you had to prove
your worth, identity politics didn’t give you a free pass!

When it came to women men had to actually communicate face to face
or at least on the phone.

Men had to be great salesmen and marketers!

Men had to sell themselves to women, and had to always be closing, and
nothing was more persistent then a young strong man with a huge sack
filled with juice and ready to go, rejection was a minor set back!

Men marketed themselves through heir visual appearance,
leaner, stronger
more athletic men had the first pick!

Women take the stronger man if they can get one, not all women can
have a strong man, and then they have settle for men so they can take
the lead.

Men that did well with women we’re the stronger men, the confident men,
we played sports, hit the gym and hit the streets looking for eligible young
women and if they weren’t eligible, that was also a small set back, it wasn’t
unnatural for the stronger more confident man to take a weaker man’s girl!

We didn’t need men telling us how to be men, we learned through
action and
failure it was a natural process, strong man found other
strong men!

Strength is the ONLY way!
Johnny Grube

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