Beware of the fitness gurus

Sometimes I wonder about  these fitness gurus and the things they push on
the public as the way of building muscle and burning fat. If you research
most, not all but most, you will find most of what they tell you is learned from
books and not by actually doing.

Most spend a couple hours in the gym and they become experts because they
can take someone through a circuit workout. Most of these experts don’t live
this lifestyle, they eat fast food they spend the nights and weekends partying.

What I have learned is that the people that truly want to be fit and healthy 
will stay fit and healthy at any cost. They make no excuses. It’s easy to stay
fit if you work in a gym or own a gym but how many are actually fit and healthy?

The men and women that have a job where their sitting all day or that don’t have
physical job and get no exercise are pathetic. The ones that work a physical job
and still find time to train are the extreme hard-core, their bodies are their life.

How many will get up two hours earlier to better their health and fitness? Very few.

I like to listen to people that are living the lifestyle, it’s easy to talk about it then to actually
live it. Today all you need is a slim toned body and you become the poster boy for health
and fitness. Don’t believe me. Look at subway Jared, he was fat and lost a ton of weight eating
two subway sandwiches a day; if you eat two of anything you will lose weight, it’s called a calorie
deficit. Eat less weigh less, eat more weigh more. And by the way do you think Jared is in shape?

Can you say NO!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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