Blue Collar – 200 Lb Hill Carry With Grandson

Most have no idea how hard carrying weight long distance than the normal strong man carrying heavier for short distance.

Long distance carrying is brutal!

Carrying your bodyweight plus 40 lbs more is tough.

If you never tried it shut your fucking mouth!





  1. Tredwell Abrams says

    Absolutely Johnny, from carrying .50 cal, flak jacket with 50 lbs sapi plates, and fighting load in pack for 20 miles, those that don’t know will never understand. I went and bought 120 lbs weighted vest and those 10lbs ankle weights I see you have. I carry this and a 200lbs sandbag in the park, try to make a mile & then incrementally go longer over time. I believe in your durability type of training. Your training will help with real world movement and you can’t find it in a gym setting. I have noticed a larger group of people start training this way since the ‘plandemic’ happened.

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