Blue Collar DNA

Blue Collar DNA

Is it possible to have blue collar DNA? We all know we can’t change our
DNA, but what about the way you are brought up. Our country was built
on blue collar DNA meaning nothing was easy it was a fight every single

Some people are just brought up to be blue collar and some are brought
up to be white collar but the funny thing is, is that our bodies are made to be
blue collar. Our bodies are not made to sit around for 12 hours a day or more.
This is the main reason white collar men start to lose muscle and levels
of testosterone.

The white collar person’s body will waste away. The blue collar person’s body
will wear out. Both are right and wrong at the same time. If a white collar worker
is active and eats well he will maintain muscle and a level of fitness. If the blue
collar worker eats well and is active he can save his body from wear.

Most blue collar men who work all day like to eat badly and very rarely exercise
at all because they are doing it all day long and want rest. The white collar worker
also eats pretty bad and won’t exercise because of lack of energy from doing
very little physically and white collar workers are usually mentally fatigued.

I personally don’t know any blue collar workers that train like me or that have
trained as long as I have it’s been over 30 years. So my question is should my
body be worn out after 30 years of training and about the same as working labor
for 30 years?

I do know that the longer you train and use your body to make a living you build
a physical and mental toughness that can only be built over many years. Also
you will build a strength that is real hard to duplicate.

Old time strong men were mostly laborers and also spent a lot of time doing
bodyweight training and throwing around the weights some trained heavy some
trained with light weights but most of their roots were blue collar and I can’t think
of white collar strong men of the past.

These men built a strength that could only be built through years of physical hard
in and out of the gym.

So my question do you think that you are either born with a blue collar DNA or
a White collar DNA?

Toughness Builds Winners


  1. This is a good post. I work a White collar job here in the UK at the moment but I have also held down blue collar jobs , working on the bins was brilliant for my health, hours of walking and dragging bins around. Unfortunately white collar jobs are the only ones that provide a decent wage anymore here in the UK but it truly does wreck your body sitting on your arse at a desk all day . I find it is very damaging for men and I find myself mentally drained at the end of the day after listening to women’s yapping and just typing up documents and staring at a screen. When I was a bin man and when I did any kind of manual work my energy levels were great, now it takes real effort to motivate myself mentally to exercise.. I think deep down we all have blue collar DNA but social and economic situations push us into a White collar lifestyle where masculinity and real aggression is shunned and men just become docile drones. Men have to take back their masculinity and even the office worker can do this by following quick and efficient high rep workouts that you promote that improve strength and well as occasional heavier lifting to compensate the fact they sit behind a desk. Any kind of contact martial art training can also help as well as meditation to combat the mental stress of the office environment .

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