Blue Collar Loaded Carries And Hills

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to work with my body, probably because my dad was a truck driver/ furniture mover and the strongest man I ever knew.

My entire life I was physically active, faster and stronger than most everyone my entire life.

I love getting paid to live like a man.

Men are supposed to be strong and tough physically and mentally.

I love living in an environment I don’t have to worry about what I say, or who I will offend, and I say A LOT of offensive things!

Most men who spend all day in the gym talking how much they are lifting are emotionally weak men, just listen to how much they talk about injury and want sympathy.

I basically have gone back to the most basic full body type training and that being “Loaded Carries” for long distance and using steep hills to really test my full body strength and conditioning.

Blue Collar loaded carries are brutal, and in a short time will convince people where they lack in strength and conditioning.

I’m old school and still believe old school is best. 

I have no air conditioning or heat in my training garage and most of my training is outdoors in a real environment.

If you don’t think this type of training will boost athletic performance especially in physical combat sports you are brainwashed by today’s “Fitness Culture” and “Strength Coaches”.

So grab a rock, dumbbells, a backpack, weight vest, sandbags, heavybag, a hill and attack it!

Johnny Grube




  1. Excellent post. Thanks again. I am still doing the weighted stairs, chins, and pushups plus ab wheel.
    I am going to start carrying a sandbag too. I have been using your book (the 5 minute ebook) with great results. The only thing I need to get square is hill runs.

  2. Keep pushing!

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