Blue Collar Toughness

I love being “Blue Collar” for over 35 years I have earned my living with
my body. My body is how I take care of my family, and rarely ever miss
work from injury or sickness, because I have toughened my  body and mind
over the years with the combination of manual labor, daily training and good
food and a physical lifestyle.

How long can you hold up if your body was called on? How long before you
had to quit? There is no danger in the gym, that is why there is little cross over
from the gym and in a real life situation.

Our country was built on Blue Collar work, and today it’s become a dirty word!

People herd into the gym, stand in front of the mirrors, look at their
pump; just to
go home and sit on the couch to watch pro football!

Manual labor is not flipping a tire at your local cross fit, it’s built through actual
hard daily work.

Want to mimic Blue Collar work grab a 35 lb rock pick it up, press it over head, drop it
do it 1,000 times, it doesn’t sound hard but your body will fail in less then 15 minutes
and there is no way you will do it for an hour.

Drag a weighted sled, carry rocks up hill until you fail, test yourself, and see if
your gym training has conditioned you to survive!

Strength Is The Only Way!

Johnny Grube

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