Bodyweight Speed Training for Elite Physical Fitness

Bodyweight Speed Training for Elite Physical Fitness

The key to building explosive power, unmatched stamina and furnace
like fat burning is what I call bodyweight speed training.

I hear a lot of people questioning the rational of training fast and
explosive, if you listen to most fitness professionals they will show
you the slow controlled way of training.

Just because the majority of fitness pro’s and everyone else train
slow doesn’t make it right. Sometimes you need to push and step
outside the box and be different.

Go to any gym and look around and you will see most people
training the same way, and if this worked everyone would be
super fit and it’s not the case.

Training to be athletic is what everyone should strive for, being
athletic will be a bigger benefit than anything else you do.

No activity in the real world is ever done in a controlled environment,
almost all sports require strength, speed, stamina and very few are
done slow and controlled.

Look at kids when they play, they never worry about injuries and not
many kids pull hamstrings, neck muscles, and none have bad backs.

We train like old people; we train like we are supposed to according to
the experts. Slow heavy training broke my body down. Bodyweight
speed training reversed the process of slowing down muscles and
making them athletic again.

Whether you’re playing a sport or picking up your kids it’s always
a fast explosive movement, I said it before; if you train slow you will
get slow, train explosive and a whole new world opens up.

Try a jump rope-pushup workout:

Jump rope as fast as possible 50 times and drop and do 25 pushups as
fast as possible and repeat nonstop for 10 rounds for a total of 500 jumps
and 250 pushups, try this in 15 minutes, if you are in great shape you
should be able to do this in 10 minutes. It’s not impossible!

Toughness Builds Winners


  1. Dave Robbie says

    John – I tried it tonight. I did the 500 jump ropes and 250 pushups in 8:04 minutes.


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