Bodyweight Training 100 8 – Count Bodybuilders a Tough test

8 count body builders is one exercise that the Navy Seals and other
military use to get men in to great shape fast. A simple movement with
massive benefits.

I read in one book that the author pointed out on Friday was 100
8-count body builder day, and they had to do 100 every Friday.

When I read this I  just started back with bodyweight training
and had  just given up the traditional heavy weight training.

All my life the most bodyweight training I was exposed to
was the basics, pushups, pullups, dips, situps, sprints, jumping
rope so pretty basic stuff.

The first time I attempted to do 100 8 – count body builders
I did only 60 and it was tough! In a few days I did get to 100
and have done 100 8 counts in around 6 to 7  minutes.
and  have done as many as 600 in about an hour.

Adding weight is another brutal way to work harder, but I
don’t add weight to do less reps I add weight to work harder
and push longer.

Weighted 8 counts are brutal. Recently I decided I wanted to
see how fast I could do 100 8 counts wearing a 40 lb weight vest
I finished in 12:17  after that I had a goal of 100 in under 10 minutes.

Day 2 11:52 the 3rd day 10:17 and on the 4th straight day I finished 100
in 9:53 wearing a 40 lb weight vest.

People don’t get good at these types of exercises because unless they are
pushed by a drill instructor or a coach most will never put out a brutal
type of effort, they would rather do a small amount and when it gets tough
switch to another exercise.

Working hard for 30 minutes non stop using a full body exercise is not
like running or weight training where most spend more time resting
between sets then actually training. Full body exercise in high numbers
will numb most people physically and mentally.

You want to try something that will test you try 100 8 count body builders.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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