Bodyweight Training – 100 Stepups/100 Superman Pushups

Just another workout to show that it’s only excuses that make you weak!

You lose strength and control when you make excuses!

You are in charge, no one cares about your excuses, actually people want you weak, so many live weak, excuse filled lives, they want company.

Stand away, lose your weak friends and stay strong, better to be strong and have few friends, than weak with many friends.

The Workout

10 Step ups/10 Superman Pushups

10 Rounds No Rest!

Finish in 10 minutes or under.

Most men could finish this in a year, because most men can’t do one Superman Pushup!

Toughen Up Bitch!

Johnny Grube






  1. Always opportunities for a good workout.

    Great article!

  2. Distanced myself from so many people and it was the best thing I’ve ever done . Weak people have no place in my heart. Awesome article as always

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