Bodyweight Training – 10,000 Ring Pushups in 30 Days!

I just completed another 10,000 rep challenge by doing 10,000 ring pushups
rings about 7″ from the ground feet elevated on a 17″ base in 30 days. Why did
I do 10,000 ring pushups in 30 days? For building physical and mental
toughness and discipline!

Johnny Grube using a 75 lb back pack for some “Ring Pushups”

I have had rings for years but didn’t use them much over the years. But
got a book called ” Rings Of Power” written by Strongman Mike Gillette.

10,000 reps is a lot of reps, it takes time and commitment to complete 10,000 reps.
I still work  8 to 12 hours a day and my work is manual labor, that means it takes
discipline to complete 10,000 reps.

But, what I found is that Ring Pushups are a great strength builder and a serious core
workout. I also have found that I have gotten bigger through my shoulders, arms and
chest! This is no fucking bullshit! I do not take measurements, but do wear the same
work shirts everyday and they are significantly tighter, and was asked if I started lifting
weights again. I just swelled up! No change in diet, just 10,000 pushups!

Discipline is what so many people are missing in life and when it comes to training. You
need to know WHY you are training. You need to make a commitment and do what ever
the fuck it takes to get the job done. If it means training  in the rain, in the dark or
early morning without food or water just get it done!

Accomplishing tough goals takes discipline and commitment and when shit does hit the
fan you will be prepared because you train to be mentally and physically tough!


Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube




  1. So you built muscle despite training everyday, doing high reps and being past your prime. Can’t argue with results.

  2. I think Johnny mentioned this point in his earlier blog posts. Simplicity beats complexity every time. It is possible to achieve an elite level of strength and fitness training at home with your bodyweight. I don’t need a gym or any weights. Training is as hard as you want it to be. If you want to do 100 sit-ups, do 100 sit-ups. If you want to do 1000 sit-ups, get down and do 1000 sit-ups. If you want to head out for that 10km run, run it. Think it’s easy, then run at a faster clip. Basic bodywieight exercises are a great way to train. It’s free and accessible to all. Train hard, train every day.

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