Bodyweight Training – 250 Superman Pushups in under 9 Minutes

I’m 49 years old, I eat natural foods, I don’t eat grains, few starches, I eat meat, chicken, lots of eggs some dairy and a lot of water.

I train no more than 5 to 15 minutes a day, unless I’m testing myself.

Yet I’m able to do things like 250 Superman Pushups after an 11 hour work day of manual labor!

Talk about all the training you do, the long running, the hours in the gym, all the money spent on supplements, no long apply to me because I still have a high output of physical activity when I need it.

I don’t care if it goes against what you believe if it’s what you been told, I’m still going to do my thing!

No one needs to listen, and i know longer care because blogging and fitness is NOT the way I earn my living!

Johnny Grube!


  1. Amazing! Your videos are always an inspiration.

  2. BrooklynChuck says

    Half the shit talkers could never do half of what you do. Stay doing your thing John. Please keep the articles coming more definitely miss them.

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