Bodyweight Training – 8 – Count Body Builders Brutal Leg Workout!

I get workouts done in parking lots, wooded trails, parks no matter where I am I can get in
a brutal workout. So the excuse’s are just that, excuse’s. So I have a workout you can do that
will make you work hard!

People still think that bodyweight training is inferior to most other forms of training but I still
disagree. I have never excelled training with weights like I have using my own bodyweight.

This  workout was done in a wooded trail  going on a 20 hour fast no food only water.

25 Bodyweight Squats – 5   8 – Count Body Builders  it’s simple do as many rounds as
you can in 15 minutes. Non stop! You can push for my time of 20 rounds finishing
with in a time of 14:45

500 Bodyweight Squats and  100  8 – Count Body Builders

Toughness builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. John,

    Your training is amazing. I too followed a similar path to you. There was a time where I lifted weights. Not anymore. For the last few years I have focused on running and bodyweight exercises. I work with the basics like you do. Pushups,situps,jump squats, chinups. The results speak for themselves. My stamina and energy have gone through the roof. I am glad others share the same opinion.

  2. Hi Johnny:

    I see you have been doing less eating and fasting in the last couple of blogs. Are you doing intermittent fasting. What’s your diet consist of now. I saw in one of your erzine articles long ago you were eating a lot of raw food but more recently it seemed you were eating mainly vegetables and meat, fish, chicken, eggs, etc. Would like to know your dietary and sleep philosophy. like how many hours you sleep. I got the impression you drive TT for UPS. Don’t the warehouse guys load the trucks; not the drivers??

    Thanks for your great blog!!! i really enjoy it and have purchased all your products including your 5 minute book from Amazon.

  3. Johnny your blogs are missed when will you be back ?

  4. Chuck, Just wrote one on the ab wheel don’t know if you seen it and I’m working on one right now thanks

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