Bodyweight training and animal strength.

Bodyweight training and animal strength.

There are a lot of people telling you that if you train like an animal
in the wild, you get as strong as an animal.

This is what most bodyweight trainers selling info will tell you,
look at how animals train. Animals don’t train, they survive.

We could never be as strong as an animal, no matter what drugs
you take it will never happen. Animals don’t think, they either run
or kill. We think, they react. Because we know we have limitations
that’s where we fall short. Animals have no idea what they are
able to do, they just do it.

The baddest of the bad couldn’t go out in the woods and with his bare hands
chase down a deer kill it. You could live in a tree and do pull-ups until the
cows come home, and still never have the strength of an animal.

We can’t catch a puppy that doesn’t want to be caught.

That’s where the “Wildman Philosophy” takes over.

You can train as natural as possible and build a great amount
of strength and never have to step inside of a gym again.

If we learn to train our bodies as one unit, the strength that we could build
is unbelievable. When you discover the strength, endurance, agility,
the explosive power the coordination and balance you can build
using your own bodyweight will amaze you.

The more natural you train your body, the more natural you eat and the
more simple you live, the more healthy and fit you will be.

Try this short but very effective strength builder:

Mark off 5 yards: Get in a pushup position, now explode propelling
your body forward, as you go forward and do a pushup from the bottom
explode up and out – Go for 5 yards walk back and repeat as fast as possible
of 20 sets or 100 yards. This will build a lot of strength:

Toughness Builds Winners
Johnny Grube

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