Bodyweight Training – Are you being suckered?

I can’t handle this anymore. Most of these bodyweight gurus
are f***’n frauds and I can care less if you don’t like it or not.

Most of the programs out there are for the weak man. Men that
think that strength is physical fitness.

I probably have a bigger library of training books then most library’s
and there is only one or two that actually are worth anything.
Don’t get me wrong you can learn a lot from anyone, but it’s the
people that think these pretty packaged programs and books are
going to get them in to some kind of super human shape.

Most of the books have hardly any workouts and the ones they do
put in there, very few will do them, they just like to put the book on their
desk, get on the internet and tell everyone how this is the greatest book.

Yeah,I sell training manuals and can care less if anyone buys them, because
they’re for a different breed of person. A person that can and will push
themselves harder and farther then the last time, the one that will sweat
and then sweat some more, the one that will push when his body tells
him to stop.

I have a few books that have the word ” conditioning” in the title but
there are very few conditioning workouts. The books should change
the word “conditioning” to exercise.

A while back a read a blog that said with the name ” Wildman” I would be
lifting rocks, logs, fighting bears. Well if these so called men seen any
of my videos they would know I could lift rocks, logs I never fought
a bear, but I did bite a dog!

Most of you are getting scammed from men that don’t really do
bodyweight training. Most of them lift weights.

They use the bodyweight training as a way to suck you in.

There are even books out there about about how the convicts train,
I’m not saying that I was in prison but know enough about the prison
system either through people that work there or from the people
that did time and what I have read in these books is bull.

There are men in jail that train and they are strong and fit
and it’s because they have a life time to train and recover
but I have never heard of or seen  these prisoners doing pistols
using kettles or some of the other things I have read in these

My next point, ” The strong survive” In prison do you think
that to survive you need strength or you need to have
a high level of conditioning?

I have said it before, you can have all the fancy equipment,
best training advice all the best supplements and walk around
all jacked up and all tattooed up and you still won’t survive
without being conditioned.

I only listen to the really conditioned and strong, the
men do it everyday not the ones that just write books
because it’s the new fad.

So keep doing all the pistols and handstand pushups
and think you are getting into great shape and neglect
your conditioning and I hope that you can last more
then 2 minutes when the time comes.

Because I have never seen the bigger stronger guy
get his ass kicked because he ran out of gas, Yeah

Remember, You can get strong and not be conditioned,
but it’s hard to get conditioned and not get strong.

You want to try this conditioning workout? All you
need is a deck of Pinochle cards.

Simple, Black card – Burpee.
Red card – Pushups and Squat thrusts.

Usually you do one exercise per color but on the
red card you will two exercise’s.

Do whatever number comes up. If a 10 comes
up do 10 Squat thrusts then start doing 10 pushups
continue through the deck.

All face cards are 10 everything else is face value.

Try getting through this in 20 minutes or less.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

P.S. I know ” The Wildman Training Program
has 67 Intense circuit workouts that will
have you in pain in no time!

The Meanest and Cruelest fitness program


  1. Hi Johnny,
    You make a valid point in that even something as simple as bodyweight fitness has become a gimmick, but that’s a consequence of people searching for easy $$.
    This week you mentioned another booklet. It wasn’t the pull up book. When will these be coming out?
    Anyway, I love all the routines and see them as a ‘cowboy up’ challenge for me and the kids I train…but sometimes the challenge gets the best of me 🙂

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