Bodyweight Training – Back Pack Training for Building Great Strength

Want to switch up the bodyweight training? Try some back pack training. It’s pretty simple, all
you need is a strong back pack and add some weight and you have a tool for building great over
all body strength.

The back pack will force the body to work and stabilize muscles that are not usually used
in the traditional way weights will effect them. The weighted back pack will add a little
variety to your workouts as well as cause the body to burn more fat as well as build
strength from head to toe.

Combining back pack training with bodyweight training will not only improve your
overall physical body strength but will also improve your mind through the mental
challenge of the extra weight that will get heavy very fast.

Using a weighted pack will and can test you just from simply walking and hiking but
if you use hills or steps and use this path you will test your stamina as well as building
very strong legs and hips that will improve any sport that requires any type of strength
and explosiveness.

You do not need to use a very heavy back pack even as little as 10lbs used over a
30 minute to a 6o minute period can give your body a workout you won’t soon forget,
give it a try and decide for your self.

A weighted pack will build the functional strength you are looking for, the strength that
is real world strength, the strength that will get you through the tough workouts. The
weighted back pack is great for building functional strength for all combat sports because
of how the body responds and needs to work. Your body will become stronger in ways
you might not thought possible.

The back pack has changed the way I do some things, but the results from using a weighted back
pack have been almost unheard of. It’s no simple workout, it’s not like a weight vest that keeps the
weight distributed evenly.The is all behind you making your body pull back, forcing your core,
the strength of your body; to  make up for the gravity pulling you in the opposite direction.

If you decide to add pullups, pushups, lunges, squats you will find out how this may not be as
easy as you once thought. Pushups with a back pack will change the whole dynamic of the exercise
just because where the pack sits on your back. The back pack pushup will also test your core
strength by seeing if you can do any pushups with a flat back or is it sagging in the middle.

As the weight is distributed in the back try a few pullups, get the feel and see how your body
tries to negotiate the weight.

A simple exercise you can try is a simple pushup and stand back up after every pushup. Do
a few pushups stand up walk a few steps get back down and do more pushups continue to do
this few just a few minutes. The simple movement of getting up and down will make you stronger
in a functional way.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube



  1. i have been walking an hour over a park like walk trail with a ~20 lb pak for several months some times i wear a back support belt….my question is : i have read that the belt is a bad idea because it lessens the core strengthening benefit i am seeking

    secondly my friend thinks i may be injuring my back by carrying the pack because i lean forward as i walk to balance the extra weight

    I think i am noticing overall body conditioning improvement…i walk 3,4 times a week at least, my walk is about 70 mins and i weigh about 130 lbs and am 50 y.o.

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