Bodyweight Training – Beach Sprinting

Today I worked out in Ocean City NJ on the beach in the soft sand. I thought that
working in the sand would be a struggle because I don’t workout in this environment.
I live in higher elevation and train in the mountains.

I like to try different training situations and see how the training in the mountains
compare to other areas I train in. The sand had nothing for me, I ran rough shot over

Started with 10 minutes of 50 yard soft sand sprints(not the sand packed by the ocean)
started on all fours exploded in to sprint walked back repeated for 10 minutes. Then
with no rest in between dropped down to a prisoner squat thrust then in to a sprint
50 yard sprint.Walk back repeated for 15 more sprints.

The last 10 sand sprints were 50 yard soft sand suicides with  prisoner squat thrusts
on either end non stop

As the workout was ending I pushing harder – digging deeper. Total time 24 minutes.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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