Bodyweight Training – Build Punch Proof Abs with the Old School Ab Wheel

Many years ago in the early 80’s I seen WWF Champ Bob Backlund demonstrate the old school
ab wheel. Never thought much of it until high school. One day an old janitor named Mr Mealy made
his way in the  weight room, he was in his middle 60’s short and stocky. He grabbed a 60lb barbell
laid it on the floor and did a standing roll out using the 60 lb barbell.

Standard Ab Wheel

At the time we were all very strong kids, at 145 lb I dead lifted 400 lbs so I had
what I considered a strong back. I tried it and failed miserably. Was amazed by
the demonstration.

Well, as time went on I was more interested in lifting heavy weights then doing  things
like the ab wheel. Then when I switched to bodyweight training I brought the wheel out
and after a few years training just bodyweight exercise I tried the ab wheel and accomplished
it the first time.

Amazing a 71 year old man demonstrates 100 + using the wheel


Most gym goers will fail at this exercise. But for me I feel there is no better
exercise for giving you rock hard abs. And when I say they will build punch
proof abs believe it and people that know me know this to be the truth.

For years I would let anyone and I mean anyone hit or kick me in the stomach
or chest and have always walked away with out  injury.

I do not suggest this just telling you the ab strength that can be built.

Standing ab wheel roll out


Try 10 to 20 on your knees working up to 100 in one set then try to go from
the standing position. The key is to keep everything tight.

The above video is me doing elevated ab wheel roll outs on a 15″ bench, it
was my first time just trying it out and it was very tough. Just something
you can try when you feel you can.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


    Hi Johnny,
    I remember seeing Backlund as a kid after he workouted out for over an hour and got ambushed by Sgt. Slaughter. check out his demo. He’s 65.

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