Bodyweight Training – California Prison Yard workout.

This post will piss some one off, but I’m fine with that. Was watching a little T.V today and
was watching “Prison Gangs” and was watching the way the men were working out. And
guess what I seen, pushups, dips, pullups, hand ball, shadow boxing, light running.

Guess what I didn’t see? One legged anything no pistols, one arm pushups, leg raises,
no handstand pushups not even a kettle bell, but how can this be?

I’m still doing my research on the prisons that have the secret training method no other
prisons seem to use. Even watch the prisons abroad, Mexico, Russia, Brazil etc but still
not seeing it.

I know what it is, the gullible people that believe this stuff are easily lead and will probably
wind up doing something that will eventually lead them to prison. And then because of the
the things they read about this type of training will actually make it in to one of the prison

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube



  1. You gotta understand that there is a vast conspiracy to keep it a secret. It is so secret that even the ordinary cons don’t know about it! It is revealed only to those who purchase the book.

  2. Johnny,

    We both know the Convict Conditioning book is a scam and just a marketing ploy on DragonDoor’s behalf, most likely Paul “Coach” Wade is John DuCane or even Al Kavadlo. All the documentaries, articles, Lock Up episodes, I have ever seen show what you said, Pullups, Dips, Pushups, Jogging, Shadowboxing etc. They do these exercises because most prisons have gotten rid of weights for whatever reasons. Also, because these exercises are extremely effective! One other thing I noticed was burpees, definitely burpees, but convicts seem to make the burpee extremely complicated by adding several pushups, mountain climbers, squat thrusts and steam engines to make as many as an 88 count rep!

  3. Pushups are awesome. I work with a guy who does nothing but the occasional set of 50 pushups here and there as far as working out. Apparently at one time he was good for 100 and used to do more than 1000 in a workout twice a week with a deck of cards. This guy is in his early 40s and is able to lift chunks of stainless steel over his head heavier than anyone else I’ve seen. And he’s still able to set personal records doing this once or twice a year. A guy who lays on his couch eating pizza when he’s not at work and he’s still able to keep creeping his strength upward year after year just because of the foundation he built for himself when he was younger doing almost nothing but pushups.

    I love pushups. Hell, I cranked out a set right after a truck pull just earlier today.

  4. Rick Ramirez says

    I am with you on the leg lifts but I do not agree with your take on single-leg (pistol) squats and handstand push-ups. I believe as we mature and age, we tend to lose our balance. With these two exercises, they help with balance as well as strength and endurance for the entire body. I know. I incorporate these two exercises into my routine of push-ups, chin/pull-ups, dips, jumping rope and sprinting. I can say my equilibrium has improved. Do you believe these two exercises are a waste of time? Thank you.

  5. To be honest when I was in the joint we didnt do one legged squats. But we did do one arm pull ups and pushups.

  6. When I was in prison I saw handstand push ups but nothing else from the CC book.

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