Bodyweight Training – Can you handle this Simple Basic Workout?

Basic and Simple is the key to Incredible Fitness.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of short one or two
exercise workouts. In my opinion these basic, body
conditioning exercises will build a base for any other
program you do. I can almost guarantee keeping it
basic you will never have a problem with any other
program or sport.

Try this simple workout and see if you can finish in
20 minutes.

50 Pushups

50 Jump squats

10 rounds as little rest as possible.

For Jump squats legs are to only go parallel no lower.

Total work 500 of each exercise and always keep time so you
can beat your next time.

You can only pass a mark if know about it, so keep good records for training.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


The most problems people have even so called experienced trainers is the willingness
to push harder. I have heard many times of men running 5 miles and that is all they
do. If you ask they will tell you that I run 5 miles a day they won’t tell you that they
have a set time or that they have a goal at all. The reason I say this is because running
5 miles may be good but over time it will be like just going through the motion because
once the body responds to a certain workout it will no longer respond it has now
gotten used to the work load if you do 50 pushups everyday for one year and can’t
figure out why you can’t do anymore that could be a problem the body like the mind
if we do not constantly try and improve our physical mental abilities we will just
wind up in a rut of no improvement.

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